ABF Bearings BV

ABF Bearings BV

Address: Nucleonweg 3a
4706 PZ Roosendaal
The Netherlands
Telephone: (+31) 165 547 916
Fax: (+31) 165 549 191
Email: sales@abfbearings.nl
Website: http://www.abfbearings.nl/
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ABF Bearings are set up to provide a total supplier service. That means we should be able to supply almost every bearing you could possibly need. We feel we can say this with some confidence, because nobody knows more about bearings than we do. This is the great advantage of a supplier who concentrates exclusively on a single product group.

We know about bearings, all bearings.
We have put all our know-how together in an all-encompassing database. This means that our advisors will know the applications for every item, and what dimensions and special versions are available. We are also able to identify all the possible equivalents, allowing us in effect to offer atotal of 150.000 types of bearing. If a particular bearing becomes unavailable we will know which modern alternative meets precisely the same specifications.

A well-oiled organisational machine
Optimal delivery speeds - usually within 24 hours - require a flawlessly smooth-running logistical organisation. At ABF Bearings we have optimalised our internal processes as well as our contacts with the hauliers. We know all the ins and outs of the import and export business. So if it has to be in South Africa tomorrow, it will be in South Africa tomorrow.

Order today, with you tomorrow.